Barestrokes: Bodi

Saturday, June 9, 2018 - 6:00pm to 11:30pm

About The Event

The Event

Barestrokes will be held at The Roundhouse of Dusable (Right behind Dusable Museum)

It is a one of a kind mixer that satisfies those who love art while embracing the most beautiful art of all, The human body! We

give our artist the chance to make the body a canvas, creating a masterpiece. This event allows creativity to flow and it displays

the talents of many.

The Entry

The entry to the event enables a long walk path.

Guest will travel down this walk path (run way) to enter into the main event space of The Round House. The path will be aligned with body painted models. Behind the models will be huge white curtains with mood lights that change as the guest make their way into the event.

At the end of the runway right before they walk into the main event space photographers will be snapping pictures so come camera ready!

Once guest walk the runway and right before entering there will be a body sculptor hanging posed beautifully in the likeness of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (but it will encompass man and woman features to show unity of Body)

The Event will include:

- 40 Models

- 40 Artist

- Body painted aerialist

- Body painted contortionist dancers

- Body painted pole choreographers

- Indoor and outdoor access

- Plus so much more!

With over 2000 people expected to embrace our flagship event, I cant wait for you all to experience this with us!

Location and contact
Dusable Roundhouse
740 E 56th P
Chicago  Illinois  60637
United States
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