Artists in Conversation:

Jeroen Nelemans

Visas for International Artists

Jeroen Nelemans on how to win the "extraordinary visa"

The only thing you know is that if you do not get the visa, you have 10 days to leave the country. It's a complete mind-fuck.

Sarah Best

Artist Sarah Best on Fiscal Sponsorship

An ambitious project is realized via Links Hall

Realizing my vision was priceless. It was crucial in my transition from an emerging artist to something more.

Joseph Caruana

Becoming the Sun King

Baroque dance theory applied to contemporary ballet

In baroque dance the body moves like waves, or the sea. If the blood in your body related to water, then that water had an ebb and flow to it that guided your dancing. The body in baroque dance is in constant, living motion.

Deb R. Lewis

Tips for Queer Artists in Chicago

No tantrums, return the favor and ask for what you want

Your art may have a lot a meaning for the queer community. This is one kind of success. Just as queer folk don’t devour strictly queer fare, neither should your art feed only the queer set. You will get further, faster, if you have something to say to the broader audience.

Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant

One Part Plant

Using both brains: changing your diet to improve productivity

The gut contains more neurotransmitters than the brain. Food is information, not just calories. When I was feeding my gut with crappy Sour Patch Kids and Big Gulps, I was sending a message to my brain to feel like crap, too. When I started treating my belly with the same care as my brain, powerful productivity changes happened.

Roger Lee

Dance & Choreography

On attracting and retaining diverse audiences

“Many professional dance companies in major U.S. cities dream of having more African American audiences for their work. Reality sets in as artistic and administrative staff look out over the crowd and wonder where all the African Americans audiences have gone.

Lindsay Olson

How to Invent Your Own Residency

In 2008, a series of events unfolded that eventually led me to the artistic opportunity of a lifetime. I'm a teacher at Columbia College Chicago and until recently, the Artist in Residence at the Oak Park Police Department. Competition for traditional residencies is fierce and wanting to find meaningful work that interested me, I thought about how to use my art to contribute to my community.

Nejla Yatkin

Nejla Yatkin: Experience vs. Labels

On life as a Choreographer & defying labels

My work takes me to different corners of the world and connects me in a very intimate way with diverse communities. I've learned you can categorize and label all you wish, but you will end up knowing only your categories and labels, and not the things that are categorized and labeled.

Halfway There

Using the mid-year review to assess the state of your art

Well everyone it was a great and extremely hot summer, and unfortunately it’s coming to an end. Your band has played at a music fest or two, you’ve sold some art at a few craft fairs or your film premiered at a film festival, all and all it has been a very busy and very productive summer.

Cultivating Arts Partnerships with the Chicago Park District

Opportunities for Artists in Chicago's Parks and How You Can Get Involved

The Chicago Park District offers arts programming in two forms: cultural events and instructional programs. Carol J. Mayer discusses the CPD's Arts Partners in Residence Program as well as other opportunities for artists in Chicago's parks and explains how you can get involved.

Julia Antonick and Jonathan Meyer

On establishing and sustaining a dance collaboration

Initially in our collaboration we focused on two things. First was how we worked together—establishing a baseline of communication and process. The second was on generating material—creating a palette in common.

Arts & Culture Promote Economic Development in Low-Wealth Communities

Highlights from The Grantmakers Concerned with Poverty and Arts & Culture Funders Group Panel

As cities and communities make plans for economic development and poverty alleviation in the aftermath of the Great Recession, there is growing interest in how public and private investments in the arts and cultural initiatives can develop human capital, promote economic development, and create vibrant communities, especially in low-wealth areas.

Heather Hartley

Audience Architects: Building New and Broader Audiences for Chicago-Area Dance

How and why was Audience Architects conceived? Who does it reach?

Audience Architects (AA) is a dance service organization whose mission is to build new and broader audiences for Chicago-area dance

Nicole Gifford & Melissa Mallinson

Growing, Sharing, Celebrating: Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival

Founded in 2010, Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival is an annual weekend of performance that celebrates the work of practicing contemporary dance artists and companies. CAR Dance Researcher Meida McNeal spoke with producers Nicole Gifford and Melissa Mallinson about the origins of the festival

Sarah Best

Dance Films Kino: Making My Own Path

Dance Films Kino
is a three-week project that I am presenting as an artist in residence at Hyde Park Art Center,
from March 4th to 25th, 2012. Over three weeks, I will present 30 works
of dance on film, as well as more than a dozen live music and dance
performances and literary readings.

Rebeca Mojica

Rebeca Mojica - Chainmaille Artist

On Surviving an Audit by the I.R.S.

The words “audit” and “IRS” can strike terror in the hearts of many Americans, individuals and business owners alike. It’s hard not to have visions of a monstrous institution filled with agents dressed like characters in a Dick Tracy comic, waiting in rooms with interrogation lamps and you with your box of crumpled receipts.

Dina Rabadi

Global Alliance of Artists: Where Art Meets Action

Groves of olive trees, Russian tanks, and radio broadcasts in Arabic—these are some of the things I think of when I think of “childhood,” but they're also things I think about everyday, even now, at 37.

I don’t believe in some sharp divide between “childhood” and “adulthood”—some cliff that, once surpassed, remains there

Jan Bartoszek

Hedwig Dances: Ascending to New Heights

My goal as a dance artist is to explore essential aspects of the human experience through movement, and to create dances that transform/illuminate my explorations for the audience. Nature is a constant inspiration to me. Growing up in Michigan, I was able to explore the woods and creek

Steven Fischer

Old School New School: Exploring the Nature of Creativity

I’m in the Hollywood home of William Fraker, the six-time Oscar-nominated cinematographer of such legendary movies as Rosemary’s Baby, Bullitt, and WarGames. My crew is shooting our conversation for Old School New School, a documentary on the nature of creativity.

Erin Rehberg

Core Project Chicago: Sustaining Interdisciplinary Opportunities for Dance

Growing up around Chicago, it never occurred to me that the artists my parents took me to see were self-produced or had ever worked to create their own opportunities. Hubbard Street had to have always been HUBBARD STREET, Second City had to have always been SECOND CITY, and the artists in the galleries? I was sure those were their first paintings